Goal #80 - Travel the world . . .
to really experience all life has to offer!

Reason for this Goal  . . . to travel the world:   We have never lived at a better time than right now, to have the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures, people, historic land marks, natural wonders, and so much more.  While it will take serious money to travel the world, with the right planning and focus on goal achievement as taught in this book, these opportunities are a possibility for you and your family, in your lifetime. 

There are also numerous books on how to travel the world on a budget, and staying in places like hostels.   

Travel the world to these top destinations as ranked by Trip Advisor!

The top destinations in the world to travel to, according to Trip Advisor as of two years ago, and ranked in order of Travellers Choice, are: 

1.       Bali, Indonesia - 

2.       London, United Kingdom - Done

3.       Paris, France - Done

4.       Rome, Italy - Done

5.       New York City, United States - Done 

6.       Crete, Greece - 

7.       Barcelona, Spain - Done 

8.       Siem Reap, Cambodia - 

9.       Prague, Czech Republic - 

10.   Phuket, Thailand - 

11.   Istanbul, Turkey - 

12.   Jamaica - Done

13.   Hoi An, Vietnam - 

14.   St. Petersburg, Russia - Done 

15.   Roatan, Honduras - Done 

16.   Marrakech, Morocco - 

17.   Ambergris Caye, Belize 

18.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

19.   St. Martin/St. Maarten - Done 

20.   Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 

21.   Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 

22.   Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Done 

23.   Kathmandu, Nepal - 

24.   Bora Bora, French Polynesia - Done 

25.   Cusco, Peru - 

How a simple "stamp" has inspired world-wide travel!

About 20 years ago, I was in a local craft store, where I made an impulse purchase of a stamp, in which the top cities in the world were listed, with unique colored fonts.    It was an expensive stamp, costing  approx $ 20 if I remember correctly.  

Although we joke about it, we’ve made it a mission (and a bit of a game) to visit all of the locations on this stamp.   The stamp locations are as follows:

*Rome,  *Paris,  *London, *New York, Amsterdam, *Tokyo, Cairo, *Chicago, *Boston, *Hong Kong, *Los Angeles,    *Athens, Prague, Venice, *Madrid, Dublin, *Barcelona, *Washington DC, Seattle, Miami, Rio De Janeiro, *San Francisco, Munich, Sydney, *Maui, *Moscow, Vienna, Jerusalem, Honolulu, Florence, *Montreal          

A travel "stamp" purchased more than 20 years ago from an office supply store has served as an inspiration for world travel.
The Klodt family at the 2012 Olympics in London England, at the Equestrian event, one of the "stamp" locations!

At the time of this writing, the asterisked items are all the places that we’ve traveled so far.  Australia (Sydney) has been on our dream vacation list for many years, and it is a place we will likely go to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Suggested Goal(s):    Travel the world and visit one top world destination every 10 years.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Visit all 25 top locations in the world, as ranked by Trip Advisor.

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Last updated: January 1, 2020