83 - Take weekend getaways with your partner to spice up your life!

Reason for this Goal:  Weekend getaways allow you to leave the daily grind and spend some time with cherished family or friends.  Some of you live within an hour of local towns or cities, with local bed and breakfasts or hotels worthy of getting away and enjoying a weekend (even if just one night) and a nice dinner out.  

7 great Weekend Getaways . . . 

Some ideas to consider for your weekend getaways:

  1. A local bed and breakfast - In our early days our courting, we went to a few different bed and breakfasts.  It's economical and a great way to connect with people passionate about sharing their home and serving you breakfast.

  2. A big city getaway to your nearest city -  to experience city life.  I love the vibrancy and energy of a big city life and all of the restaurant and entertainment options. We are fortunate to live a short 45 minute drive from Toronto Canada, a world class city which is constantly evolving and growing.  

  3. A local, charming town/community - I love a small town with a historic downtown core street with shops, restaurants and heritage buildings.  A 45 minute drive from us is the beautiful town of Niagara On The Lake (NOTL), one of the prettiest towns in all of Canada.

  4. A small country inn - There is something special about staying in a small country inn, not part of a big hotel chain, in a small country town. Take time to find one perfect for your next weekend getaway.

  5. An Air BNB - The number of beautiful homes and condos available for rent on Air BNB has exploded in the last few years.  Staying at an Air BNB offers so many advantages over a hotel, especially if you enjoy the benefits of a larger space and a full kitchen.  

  6. Camping or RVing - If you enjoy the outdoors and the idea of spending time in an natural setting, a camping or RV get away might be exactly what you are looking for in a weekend getaway!

  7. A great hotel with amenities - We love getting away to a full service hotel with all the amenities such as a pool, hot tub and a full service restaurant, steps to downtown.  

Suggested Goal(s):     Take 2 weekend getaways a year.
Your Outrageous Goal:   Take a weekend getaway, once every 3 months (each season), for life.

In our case, we live just 45 minutes away from one of the most charming towns in all of Canada: Niagara on the Lake.   We make a point of getting there at least once a year for our couples getaway; usually around our anniversary, Christmas, or one of our birthdays.  We also have done the same thing with our children, to Niagara Falls, just a 1-hour drive away.  

It always feels like pressing the reset button on our lives when we take some time to get away, and it doesn’t involve a flight or expensive vacation. 

Kathy and I at the Harbour House in Niagara On The Lake (NOTL), one of the prettiest towns in all of Canada, where we often take weekend getaways.

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