71 - Take a staycation (be a local tourist) . . . in your own town, city or country!

Reason for this Goal and what is a staycation?:   One of the opportunities that many of us miss out on is to be a tourist in our own area in which we live.  Some of us live in or near a city that tourists from all over come to visit, but because it’s in our own backyard, we don’t think to visit it ourselves.

Why not make a goal to visit all these places and explore them? Take a staycation.

During the times associated with COVID-19 and all the imposed travel restrictions, the interest in staycations has skyrocketed as couples and families figure out how to get out of their homes and enjoy some needed "get away" time!  

It will be quite some time before people start feeling comfortable with flying on an airplane, taking a cruise, or traveling to a far away place.   

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore our own towns, cities and country.   It's a great time to learn about all the wonderful things that tourists find out that we don't know or appreciate.

The best part is that staycations are so much less expensive than a traditional vacation, with the potential to be up to 50%-75% off the costs when flights are involved. 

It will also be be an accomplishment to be knowledgeable about and develop a source of pride around our local surroundings. 

What is a staycation . . . and where to do it!

What is a staycation?What is a staycation? It's really a variation on the traditional vacation, close to home!

A staycation is really a vacation close to home.   It is the most affordable way to travel.

It will benefit not only your family, but the local economy by spending money in your own town, city and country.  

From your home base, explore all the amazing places that surround your town or city. 

Explore the nearest tourist information office nearest to you.  It could be in your own town or city, or within an hour radius of where you live.  Make a list of all the places that are considered attractions to visit.   Examples include:

  • Historic buildings - I love to visit historic buildings.  The older the better. I am fascinated by old buildings and their architecture.  
  • Natural conservation areas or hiking trails - There are lots of reasons and benefits of hiking.   See goal to develop a calm mind.  
  • Museums - If you live anywhere a museum, take the time to visit it.  Learn about everything you can inside the museum.  Knowledge is power.
  • Botanical Gardens - Most major areas feature a Botanical Gardens where you can explore a vast area of plan life, flowers, and botanicals.
  • Theatres - Instead of gifting material items, book an outing for you and a loved one to a theatre event.  Make it a weekend getaway and stay over night in a hotel or inn. 
  • Concert Halls or venues - There is nothing better than watching live music in a concert hall.  If you are fortunate to live near one, book tickets to watch music which you love, with a loved one!
  • Animal sanctuaries, aquariums, zoos - One of the 100 life goals at 100 Goals Club is to connect with and take an animal adventure.  If you live near such a place, experience it first hand.
  • Amusement parks - Young or old, take the time to experience and enjoy the thrills and excitement of an amusement park.  You can experience a multitude of entertainment beyond the rides.  Shows, water parks, music, food and much more!  Tourists from all around flock to good amusement parks.  You might have one not far from you that you haven't visited in a long time!  
  • Spas or resorts - Some of the best spas and resorts reside in great cities all around the world.  If you are fortunate to live near these, visit them.  Sometimes we don't appreciate the things that are closest to us.   

The amount of money you will save through a staycation is significant, as you'll avoid the air travel and hotel expense.  Learn to appreciate what is a staycation and visit the ways to staycation in your own town, city, region and country!

Suggested Goal(s):  Visit the top 5 local attractions nearest to where you live.
Your Outrageous Goal:  Visit every local attraction in your area, within a 1-hour radius. 

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Last updated: July 31, 2020